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Red Dead Redemption 2 : DirectX 12 vs Vulkan l 1440p l Buy computer hardware at newegg.com : i9 9900K - https://bit.ly/2BwZmGH System: Windows 10 Pro Intel i.. Should you choose Vulkan or DirectX 12 in Red Dead Redemption 2 Vulkan and DirectX 12 allow for communication between the game and your PC hardware Red Dead Redemption 2 DirectX 12 vs. Vulkan. GPU: PALIT GeForce RTX 2060 GamingPro OC 6GB CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K 4.7GHz, Hexa Core, 12 Threads / Coffee.. Given Vulkan is a direct evolution of Mantle's source code it's intriguing to see DX12 still hold a small advantage on AMDs cards. I guess it could be down to the Xbone's use of both GCN and DX12 putting more optimisation work into the combination than traditionally considered worthwhile(Low level APIs are much more dependant on game/app/API side optimisations than driver side; Most work AMD.

DX12 vs Vulkan. Inte heller i denna titel ger async compute något större prestandavinst, ca 5 % på Vega och ca 2 % på Pascal. Async-compute på/av. Vad vi ändå ser är en av så här långt rätt få titlar som enbart stödjer DX12/Vulkan, d.v.s. inget DX11 stöd Awhile ago that may have been the case but as of right now my minimum in benchmark with dx12 is 17 with the highest being 69 & average of 51 but vulkan's lowest fps is 39. In theory it'd be worth it for the increased fps but my problem is i Swear the skybox & clouds especially look different on each of the api's even though everyone says there's no real visual difference As you and another commenter pointed out, Vulkan gives me weird graphical bugs such as the sky flickering while it's raining, the colour selection palate for clothes in the tailor is all visually bugged but I do get better performance with vulkan, especially because I run an sli rig and sli is only supported by vulkan, not DX12 Should we expect to see the amazing performance gains we have seen rumored about DirectX 12 and Vulkan in practice? Squarespace message: Squarespace is the f.. DX12 release: July 29, 2015. Vulkan release: 16 February 2016. Having a headstart means more optimizations and more positions open for DX12. We don't know how things are going to look like once both are fully out and stable, but they aren't that massively different that you'll have a hard time moving from one to the other

Vulkan Vs DX12 My rig run this game with Vulkan on all high and some ultra, just fine steady 60fps, then i test DX12 no other setting changed and my fts craps out at 35 fps and is not steady at all, places it drops more and some place i get better Notre comparo des graphismes et du frame rate de RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 sur PC en 1080p en fonction du choix de Vulkan ou DirectX12 (DX12). Des résultats qui. DX12 performs better than Vulkan on Nvidia GPUs in this game. #3. Namaslay. Aug 28, 2018 @ 9:48am Running on Windows pick DX12. #4. Goro3D. Aug 28, 2018 @ 10:02am I picked dx12 and no complaints so maybe I will give vulkan a try at my friends house if things get freaky lol. #5 Ghost2Ghost. Aug 28, 2018 @ 10:13am Nvidia. After patch Dx12 vs Vulkan. Discussion/Question. Hey haven't played Red Dead in awhile and decided to log back in to try single-player and online back out. Curious if anything changed with the APIs after the most recent patch or if Vulkan is still basically the best choice

Red Dead Redemption 2 : DirectX 12 vs Vulkan (RTX 2080

  1. Ryzen 7 3700X/GTX 970, here. Vulkan is better than DX12 in RDR2 for me. Great performance in DOOM, Wolfenstein TNC, etc. DOOM, in particular, runs amazingly well. Ultra settings, above 1440p resolution on a GTX 970 at 60+fps almost all the time. DX12 was amazing in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, definitely better than DX11
  2. Channel Art Merch - https://rdbl.co/31CjoZc Discord - https://discord.gg/8VhPMPT Testing Vulkan against multiple iterations of Microsofts DirectX API. All te..
  3. Vulkan vs. DX12 game, Vulkan or you don't get my money. PERIOD. I'm guessing more devs will go Vulkan soon like star citizen guys. Win10 is dead to me and if enough stuff is vulkan by 2020,.
  4. Directx vs OpenGL vs Vulkan API Which is Better Overall?:- A gamer plays a game well, but game development appears a tricky thing to them because of so many things in it. When it comes to development for consoles, developers have single hardware for a particular brand (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, etc): single processor, single graphics card, a particular or same memory, same control input.
  5. g languages beyond C, and given their OS integration you get model loaders, shader loaders, material file formats, texture handling and math libraries, where in Vulkan's case you are force to go fishing for your own engine stack right from the start
  6. Vulkan is a continuation of Mantle 1.0, the foundation of Vulkan is made up of parts of Mantle. Vulkan was previously known as glNext or OpenGL Next Gen. DirectX 12 is a massive overhaul of DX11, but still only supports Windows. Vulkan supports Windows, Linux, and OS
  7. So in that case, you will probably have a better time with Vulkan because there is more help around. Finally, if you want any sort of cross-platform support, then Vulkan is better. With DX12 you are stuck with relatively new versions of Windows (and Xbox, if you care about that), while Vulkan can work on multiple OS platforms and mobile too

Should you choose Vulkan or DirectX 12 in Red Dead

RDR2 Dx12 vs. Vulkan - YouTub

  1. Introduction: Back when it released in 2016, Ashes of the Singularity was the first game to launch supporting DirectX 12, the new Microsoft-made low-level API, and its Nitrous engine was developed to take advantage of the API's advanced features. Being a low-level API means it can reduce driver overhead by more directly accessing a machine's hardware resources
  2. Dota 2 Gameplay Benchmark. GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. Processor i7-6800K 4.2GHz. Graphics settings: Ultra (Max) | Resolution: 1920x1080 | Grab games here: http://..
  3. Vulkan är det som har använts mest under testerna med stor marginal, och nu i efterhand verkar det vara ett klokt val. Vid lägre detaljnivåer når Vulkan ett högre antal bildrutor ställt mot DirectX 12, men skiljer ytterst lite i detaljnivåerna som man faktiskt vill använda i spelet
  4. On DX12 it tanked to like 30fps in this area, whereas I was getting ~50-55 with Vulkan. I was literally trying out some tweaks on a pair of youtube videos, but he didn't cover these two. I saw your post and decided to try DX12 again (Vulkan crashed a ton the first couple weeks, then DX12 started crashing instead after a patch, so I had been on Vulkan for at least the last month.
  5. Vulkan is a slight win for this game, in both CPU and GPU results, no matter the number of active threads or CPU cores DX12 slips a little behind in the benchmark. Testing with AMD's Radeon RX 5700 with the built-in GPU test, we have all 8 cores and 16 threads enabled and simply looking at the FPS using the respective APIs
  6. DirectX 12 vs Vulkan Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. DirectX 12 vs Vulkan. By flightsim1818, September 29 in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Recommended Posts. flightsim1818 73 flightsim1818 Both DX12 and Vulkan help shifting load from CPU to GPU
  7. DX12 vs Vulkan Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. DX12 vs Vulkan. By captain420, April 13 in The Prepar3d Forum. Recommended Posts. captain420 1,207 captain420 1,207 Member - 3,000+ Members; 1,207 4,486 posts; Posted April 13. With XP11 going vulkan and P3D5 going DX12. Which API do you think.

Basemark GPU DX12 VS Vulkan Performance Review

DX12 introduces a new feature of pipeline named 'Bundle'. It seems that can optimize the command list, and send it to final pipeline. Vulkan invent some different pipeline: The graphic pipeline and the compute pipeline. The graphic pipeline seems just the same with the original, the compute pipeline is used as an accessor of image memory | Porting your engine to Vulkan® or DX12® Posted on July 6, 2018 Adam Sawicki, a member of AMD RTG's Game Engineering team, has spent the best part of a year assisting one of the world's biggest game studios in porting one of their AAA games to Vulkan®

DOOM (Vulkan) vs Hitman (DX12) is as fair a comparison as comparing the speed of a truck on the highway vs a lambo in a traffic jam xD. 3 . psychoman . PC Specs. CPU . Ryzen R5 1600X. AMD . 0. 2017 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC players are faced with the choice of Vulkan vs. DirectX 12, which can reportedly have a big impact on the game's frame rate. This guide covers the main differences between. The memory management was what interested me, as DX11, DX12, and Vulkan seem to handle my VRAM limit differently (as per GPU-Z monitoring). DX11 = use 2GB, then stutter; DX12 = use 2GB of GDDR, then proceed to allocate another 2GB of DDR as virtual VRAM, and 90% of stutters disappear; Vulkan = fill 2GB VRAM, then take 0.5-1GB of system RAM with occasional, minor stutters DX12 har alltid strulat för mig, så länge det erbjudits i spelen jag spelat. Kan jag slippa köra det så gör jag det. Precis som artikeln nämner så har jag väldigt många krascher med DX12 i RDR2. Vulkan funkar bättre, men jag upplever att TAA blir suddigare med Vulkan än DX12 i RDR2

I bought Strange Brigade yesterday and ran through the benchmark with the two APIs just for fun at the time. I figured Vulkan would give me faster frame rate with a lower frame time over DirectX 12. Instead it's DirectX 12 out performing Vulkan on frame rate and frame time. Didn't get much time.. PC Specs: •MOBO: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max •CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8C|16T •GPU: XFX AMD Radeon™ RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 8GB •RAM: Oloy WarHawk 32GB DDR4-3600mhz(4x8GB) •SSD: Oloy Ptarmigan.

DX12 vs Vulkan jämförelse - Techspot tittar på Strange

Vulkan vs. DirectX 11 Benchmark - 1080p, Ultra. Two charts are below - one for the reference GTX 980 Ti, one for the MSI R9 390X ($410).. At 1080p, Ultra, we observed a performance disparity. Another popular benchmark for DX12 is Civilization 6, and we use the AI benchmark with DX12 vs DX11. Rather than frame rate, this measures the time it takes for the AI to run a series of turns. Finally, we'll use Doom, which was used as a public demo back in the day to show off Vulkan vs OpenGL, running on an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Vulkan Vs Directx12 Visual Differences? :: Red Dead

  1. Vulkan is the default option, but a lot of folks are getting much better performance with DirectX12. Others who are experiencing performance issues are wondering how to change API, to get as many fps as possible. Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Vulkan vs DirectX 12 guide will show you exactly that
  2. vulkan is similar in that its a lower level api and gives amd users a much bigger boost than nvidia users due to amd gpu drivers having a higher cpu overhead in dx11 games than nvidia gpus have. Both should now be the standard. people may not want to update to windows 10 to benefit from the dx12 improvements, but vulkan will run on any OS
  3. g Program
  4. DirectX 12 (DX12) gör det möjligt för utvecklare att addera fantastiska grafikeffekter till datorspel baserade på Microsoft Windows. GeForce-grafikkort levererar avancerade DX12-funktioner som strålspårning och VRS (Variable Rate Shading), vilket gör spelen mer levande med realistiska visuella effekter och snabbare bildhastigheter

Which is better, DX12 or Vulkan? : PCRedDea

As for Vulkan/DX12, you'll see the same split you do now, with DX12 used pretty much exclusively on Windows, and Vulkan used everywhere else. Finally, in regards to NVIDIA/AMD split configurations, remember Windows still only allows ONE display driver at a time, so you'll be at the mercy of how the driver allocates work DX12 & Vulkan Dawn of a New Generation of Graphics APIs Stephan Hodes Developer Technology Engineer, AMD . • Use system memory (DX12: UPLOAD) • Keep it mapped . Adopted by several developers & titles • Discreet GPU vs. Integrate Vulkan VS DX12, a user perspective VS coders needs. category: gfx next page. go to page . of 2 Hi Pouet coders! I was wondering; what is the general feeling of the demo coder community regarding the new APIs that have been recently released: Vulkan and DX12? DX12. Dota2 Vulkan beta is already performing best in heavy scenes, Talos Principle Vulkan is very early stages but definitely improving. For Doom id software has got a completed polished implementation of Vulkan. Seems pretty clear that in the next few years DX12 and Vulkan will co-exist on the desktop

So under 4K DX12 has better performance and at 4K the difference is so marginal that it will be not noticeable for end user, now what you need to understand is that converting from DX11 to Vulkam would be much more work than to DX12.. and DX12 has very nice features.. google Nvidia flow.. and ray tracing.. Regards, Simbo Vulkan™ and DX12 Adam Sawicki Developer Technology Engineer, AMD. Agend I'm really getting annoyed by everyone adopting DX12 instead of Vulkan even for PC exclusives. This literally makes no sense. — Axel Gneiting (@axelgneiting) July 1, 2016 This is another very interesting article which once again I wonder how the 5500XT does with PCIe3 vs PCIe4, I do believe the 5500XT is PCIe 8x and not 16x. Vulkan just seems more efficient/effective over DX12 plus I like it since Vulkan games usually can play great on Linux, which gives folks more options In almost all instances, Vulkan is coming out ahead in terms of performance when compared against DirectX 11. These are the percentage improvements seen to average FPS with Vulkan compared to DirectX 11 for average frame rates. Rainbow Six Siege - DirectX 11 vs Vulkan - Average FPS. At almost all setting levels, Vulkan was performing better

Better is a relevant term, but to a experienced team who understands the low level constructs that make up graphics vulkan can be leveraged for better performance. Whereas Directx 11 is better for smaller teams and people that are learning or on q.. Vulkan vs. DX12 game, Vulkan or you don't get my money. RotTR is like that if I don't boot in DX12. I'm talking about from a consumer perspective. I think that's far more likely to decide what you'll end up using. @dcominottim @Nadav14775497 @anandtech Sure, I can confirm it * Vulkan is a continuation of Mantle 1.0, the foundation of Vulkan is made up of parts of Mantle. * DirectX 12 is a massive overhaul of DX11, but still only supports Windows 10 * Vulkan supports Windows, Linux, and OSX * Vulkan being supported all over the place is arguably more important in our increasingly fragmented OS usage in gaming

DX11, DX12, Vulkan/Khronos ? unreal engine is currently DX only (EDIT - wrong) - there is DX12 support, but its experimental for the time being (afaiK) I havent read anything about vulkan being in unreal engine - I think its safe to say that UE will only support DX12 in the foreseeable future (EDIT - wrong, vulkan 1.0 is already implemented 0. Once again, GCN 1.0 via our Radeon R9 280X fails to perform adequately and gen-on-gen gains are likely exaggerated by API or driver limitations or perhaps even geometry processing bottlenecks in the older hardware. With this in mind, we will discuss the performance impact of Vulkan on an architecture-by-architecture basis. AMD reveals its Radeon RX 6000 series of graphics cards - Nvidia. The Khronos Group In

Vulkan Vs DX12. With XP11 going vulkan and P3D5 going DX12 AVSIM Online - Simming's Premier Resource! The immersion with no stutters is AS IT SHOULD BE! 49 curved monitor with native speed of 144Hz and I can set up any speed down to 25Hz and it works Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and computing API.Vulkan targets high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications such as video games and interactive media across all platforms. Compared to OpenGL, Direct3D 11 and Metal, Vulkan is intended to offer higher performance and more balanced CPU/GPU usage. Other major differences from Direct3D 11 and OpenGL are Vulkan being a. If you play Rainbow Six Siege on PC, you might have heard a lot about Vulkan API recently. Alongside Siege's most recent balancing patch came public testing for a version of the game running on. But fundamentally, DX12, Vulkan, and Mantle are methods of compensating for weak single-threaded performance (or for spreading out a workload more evenly so it isn't bottlenecked by a single. Vulkan vs DX12 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Performance Analysis. By. WorldTechAdvisor - November 7, 2019. 0. 160. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. When gamers around the world first loaded Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, we saw that the game runs on the Vulkan API by default but there is also the option to enable DirectX 12

This page provides links to both Vulkan 1.2 general release drivers, and developer beta drivers. Vulkan 1.2 General Release Driver Downloads Vulkan 1.2 support is available for Windows and Linux in our general release drivers available here: Windows Download for Windows 10 (64-bit) Download for Windows 7 (64-bit) Linux Download for Linux 64-bit NVIDIA SHIELD TV Vulkan 1.1 o Vulkan vs DX12 on 2080 super? Now I'm wondering what the real reason behind most games sticking with DX11 is. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. Plenty of games. Red Dead both versions seem to run about the same, but i experience crashes on both So you recently added DX12 support, but DX12 is only for windows 10 and xbox one. And Vulkan (former ogl) provides same benefits, but works on all platforms, old/new mac/pc windows/linux. So, why DX12? It's not some kind of accuse, me personally a nividia+windows fan, but I'm just curious Vulkan vs DX12 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Performance Analysis. from KitGuru Business . 6 months ago. If you've been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, you will have seen the option for either the Vulkan or DX12 API An interesting element of this title is that both Vulkan and DX12 are supported - but Vulkan is a touch slower on pretty much any GPU you care to test, and that includes the 280X

DirectX 12 & Vulkan as Fast As Possible - YouTub

  1. DX12/vulkan will not likely replace DX11/gl4.x any time soon. People who use windows win. If Dx12 becomes the next big thing, microsoft is just going to slack until something else threatens to take over gamers, who are a large part of their customers. let's that I end up using Vulkan a lot, how long would it take me to learn D12 entirely
  2. Vulkan VS DX12, a user perspective VS coders needs. category: gfx previous page. go to page . of 2 xtri1m: i'm not familiar with vulkan yet, but i'd be very surprised if that was all needed. (I write a lot of Metal code, and a small fraction of that is needed to render a triangle - more than GL, but probably not unbearable for 4k) added on.
  3. DX12 VS Vulkan - Why we used Vulkan . We used Vulkan for the bulk of our Red Dead Redemption 2 testing. A single sentence can summarise the reason for this. Red Dead Redemption 2 ran worse and frequently crashed on our test systems. Tom Logan, OC3D's Managing Director, couldn't even get the game to boot under DirectX12 without a lot of tinkering
  4. Nvidia driver optimizations vs Vulkan/DX12. Thread starter amenx; Start date Jul 15, 2016; Sidebar Sidebar. Forums. Hardware and Technology. Graphics Cards. Previous Next A. amenx Platinum Member. Dec 17, 2004 2,712 460 126. Jul 15, 2016 #1 How much room does Nvidia have re driver optimizations.
  5. Vulkan does amazing actually, the results show that Vulkan more than triples the FPS compared to OpenGL ES 3.1. There are a few reasons to why this is

DX12 vs Vulkan : which one is the best to get a graphic

  1. Call Us +91 9826628565 · sales@rvhfs.com Home; About Us; Projects; Products; Contact U
  2. I also love to see the kinds of gains Vulkan and D3D12 can give us over D3D11 and OpenGL 4.5. It is interesting they chose Vulkan and not DX12. This is another very interesting article which once again I wonder how the 5500XT does with PCIe3 vs PCIe4, I do believe the 5500XT is PCIe 8x and not 16x
  3. After patch Dx12 vs Vulkan. 3DMark's API Overhead Test is first, and this test was first implemented in 2015, in the infancy of DirectX12 to compare the then-fledgling API to u
  4. Anyway dx12 is coded in a way that is hard to maintain. It's going to be removed if a change is made to dolphin that would have to be modified with it. Vulkan does mostly everything it does and more. Last time I checked Vulkan it could not dump textures in Majora's Mask (Collector's Disc) for example
  5. : 9.87 fps * avg: 38.9 1fps I have some interesting observations. Windowed borderless mode is better about 3 fps than fullscreen mode. Vulkan has a lot freezes, but in average has more fps. DX12 is more stable, but has less fps than Vulkan. I'm playing the game with Vulkan and windowed borderless mode

Vulkan Vs DX12 :: Red Dead Redemption 2 General Discussion

Puntos fuertes y débiles de DirectX 12 vs Vulkan Además de las prestaciones comunes ya descritas, como el mejor aprovechamiento del hardware, más control del mismo y mejor aprovechamiento de la paralelización tanto de GPU como de CPU estos dos API también añaden la posibilidad de realizar operaciones de computo general con los chips gráficos con los que son compatibles DX12 is also similar, but unique in its own ways, and only compatible with Windows 10, so it's mostly used only with mainstream titles that are windows only (also removed from dolphin a while back). Vulkan is the new api that they're switching to because it helps the game run smoother on a code level Ubisoft has updated the Anvil Next 2.0 used in Ghost Recon Breakpoint to support the Vulkan API, we take a look at its performance today DX12 is a bit slower but gives me a stable experience. Doom and Rage 2 use vulkan and can give phenomenal performance. Ubi recently decided to upgrade rainbow six to vulkan instead of dx12. They spoke about how vulkan was better for that engine. Based on that I'd say vulkan > DX12 AMD's New OCAT DX12 and Vulkan Benchmarking Utility. Question asked by warpfact0r10 on Dec 9, 2016 Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by colesdav. Comment • 2; Looks great and I've already seen some feedback:.

Ashes Of The Singularity Escalation DX12 VS Vulkan Test

<p>vulkan-1.dll is missing from your computer (Strange Brigade) Before anyone tells me to send a ticket to support or read any community post about this, note that I've already done that before I Strange Brigade : retrouvez toutes les informations et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. As such, and perhaps for the first time, we are able to benchmark these APIs side by side and see. DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11 - Draw call overhead reduction One of the key improvements is a reduction in draw call overhead, which is the delay inherent in the CPU asking the GPU to render something The benchmarking should be very interesting to say the least, and will play a major role in the mindshare war between DX12 and Vulkan. If I'm not mistaken, Vulkan still doesn't support asynchronous compute on NVidia GPUs, although DX12 does. Vulkan doesn't support multi GPU yet either, though DX12 does DX12: DOOM Vulkan. id have also released an optional Vulkan rendering path for DOOM. This API is a development of AMD's Mantle low level which has been taken on board by the Kronos Group for implementation as the next generation of Open graphics APIs. Like DirectX 12 Vulkan is capable of Asynchronous Compute in specific configurations Vulkan in the case of Doom, as well as some other DX12 titles like Ashes of the Singularity and Hitman, seem to be moving AMD's performance closer to their theoretical level


Vulkan or Directx12 :: Strange Brigade General Discussion

Instead, Vulkan would be a much more reasonable API to support, considering the list of games and game engines that support it already. Special mention to Star Citizen which replaced DX12 support with Vulkan. Yes Vulkan is a necessity too, and I agree probably more important than DX12 This benchmark of DOOM's Vulkan vs. OpenGL performance measures FPS, frametimes, and scaling on the RX 480, GTX 1080, and GTX 970 SSC (overclocked) Tweet API Performance: Vulkan vs OpenGL vs DirectX12. With BasemarkGPU we focus on the Windows 10 platform and see what that brings us in performance as we can measure OpenGL, DirectX 12 and. DX12: Battlefield V (& RTX) Battlefield V will focus extensively on party-based features and mechanics, scarcity of resources, and removing abstractions from game mechanics to increase realism

The Vulkan Interview | Exclusive Interview With The

DX12 is a big improvement over DX11, it enables games to move to the next generation of graphics. But we're also eagerly awaiting the official release of OpenGL Vulkan, which might even be. PresentMonLauncher - DX12/Vulkan Benchmarking . Published: Because of this and my own troubles with certain settings when trying to benchmark and RX 480 and GTX 1060 in DOOM with Vulkan, I decided to write a relatively simple application to help this GeForce RTX 3070 Founder edition review - DX12: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider by Hilbert Hagedoorn. on: 10/27/2020 02:00 PM [ ] 104 comment(s) Tweet DX12: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Valve: DirectX 12 does not make a lot of sense, VulkanDX12 & Vulkan: Dawn of a New Generation of Graphics APIs

After patch Dx12 vs Vulkan : PCRedDea

Radeon RX 580 vsCrytek on DX12, Vulkan, Async Compute, Global IlluminationRadeon VII vs Vega 64 4K Max Settings Intel I7 7700K 16GBAMD Ryzen 7 1700X and 1700 Official Gaming PerformanceValve: With The Rise Of Vulkan, Why Bother With DirectX 12?
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